A Quick Test Post

 Here’s how my day’s been panning out so far.

I’m creating this post as I need to test that one of the WordPress plug-ins I’m using is working. What should happen, is that this blog entry, created on the petesipple.co.uk domain, should auto-post to Twitter (once), and also add a posting to my Facebook wall. Rather than typing “just testing”, I thought I’d add a few words to report on the day.

  • An early start with tea and toast
  • My podcasting buddy’s been here, recording some audio about streaming media. Lots of editing to do, I fear
  • Into town for lunch, a visit to the bank, then coffee and biccies at Costa Coffee (coming soon to Leigh).
  • Back to base to firefight a dozen emails and feed the cat (apparently urgent)
  • Just about to phone a couple of college students about an upcoming course
  • Trying to fix a problem with WordPress, with help from a plug-in developer, and the lads at Namesco support

So there. That’s my day so far – now off to see if this post makes it to Facebook…

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