Pete and Radio

Since my first time in a radio studio, aged 13, I knew radio was in the blood. On this page is a short, and slightly indulgent, look at my years in radio, plus some links that some may find useful.

My background:

I started out as one of the guest kids presenters on Essex Radio. This not only got me on-air for the first time in my life, but more importantly got me into the building to meet the faces behind the voices. Well and truly hooked, I made it my mission to end up working for the station (when I was old enough). Hard work paid off, and when I was sixteen, I started working behind the scenes answering the phones and helping out in the studio. A couple of years later, I was working for the radio station, full-time, as a commercial producer and as a studio Technical Operator, whilst also working at Hospital Radio.

In 1990, I then moved to London as Commercial Producer and Station Engineer for Spectrum Radio. 1994 saw me back at Essex Radio working for the Creative Team, finally moving to Engineering as IT Manager. This involved setting up the computerised playout systems for Essex FM, Breeze, Vibe FM, Oasis FM, Ten17 and KFM.

I’m out of the industry now, although still involved at a hobby level, but I still keep an ear on what’s going on. In more recent years, I’ve worked on audio projects for a group of stations set up by a well-known celebrity, helped set up a schools radio station, and picked up a Gold award for a documentary on 100 years of British Broadcasting.

Pete and Thameside

Where it all started for me, a junior Technical Operator on a Monday evening at Thameside Radio in Southend.

Thameside Radio MCR
Where it all started – Thameside Radio Master Control in 1986

I’m still involved with hospital radio, over 25 years on. As well as serving on the committee and acting as a trustee of the local station, I also look after the mailing list and Facebook page for past and present Thameside Radio / SHR members: SHR Facebook Group | Thameside Radio Facebook Group

Pete and Essex Radio

I started part-time work as a technical operator in the mid 1980s, before moving into a full-time role in Commercial Production in 1989. Some of my happiest years were spent behind the Tweed desk in one of the underground studios in Southend’s Clifftown Road.

Essex Radio CR1
Me at the control of Essex Radio CR1 circa 1988

Some of my Essex Radio memories: The “Somewhere Special” jingles, Outside Broadcasts from Southend High Street, calling in to the radio station’s phone-ins, drifting off to sleep with Lindsay King (who subsequently married fellow presenter Tim Lloyd), making a nuisance of myself in the station’s lobby to get myself a job there, listening to the closedown theme (called “1431”), and my first day on-air as the studio engineer for Eddie Blackwell’s Essex Jazz programme in the mid-eighties. More: Essex Radio Remembered

Pete and Spectrum Radio

I joined London-based Spectrum Radio 558 in 1990, looking after commercial and programming production. I then also assumed responsibility for engineering matters at the station.

Spectrum Radio team
The team at Spectrum Radio 558 at my leaving do circa 1993

Pete at the Essex Radio Group

In 1994, it was back to Essex Radio to work for The Creative Team, before moving to work with the talented chaps at Essex Radio Engineering. I moved into IT, helping to install playout systems for stations including Essex FM, Breeze, Ten17, Vibe FM and Oasis FM. I left, as Group IT Manager, at the end of 1999.

Essex Radio CR4
Me at the controls of the AMR desk at The Creative Team

I now maintain the Essex Radio ex-staff mailing list and Essex Radio Facebook Group

Pete Teaches Radio

In 2002, I was asked to start running a series of radio training courses for South East Essex College (now South Essex College).

South Essex College
The training studio at South Essex College

Pete and Radio Today

As of October 2010, I am a licensed amateur radio operator (station callsign M0PSX), able to send messages around the world, and use my radio skills to help the community. More details at

Southend Hospital Radio Studio B
Transmitting from the LV15 Light Vessel moored at Tollesbury in Aug 2011