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Worked for Essex Radio? Join the free email discussion list.


Members: 140 members on the mailing list, and 75 Facebook members as of December 2011


Some time back, I put together an email group to allow people that have recently left the company I work for. It started life as a group with half a dozen members, and it’s now the main way that over 130 people keep in touch with their ex-colleagues. I’ve now created a similar list for past and present Essex Radio employees. If you worked for Essex, please sign up…


Q. What is it?


A free email list, hosted at Yahoo


Q. Who can join?


Membership is restricted. You have work/have worked for the Essex Radio Group.
That includes Breeze staff, and indeed anyone who still works for Essex FM.


Q. What happens?


You sign up, and can email the whole group in one hit (the email address is Members can post updates on what they’re up to these days, find members email addresses and ask questions of the rest of the group. If you happen to have a Yahoo account, you can upload photos and weblinks to the website that comes free with the email list.


Q. Will I get loads of junk / spam?


You’ll only get mail from registered members, and your address won’t be added to a junkmail list.


Q. How do I get to the website version of the list?


There are two types of membership. Standard membership gets you added to the email list. This means you’ll get emails from other group members and can send messages to the rest of the group. There is also a website associated with the list, and the website contains a list of members and their email addresses, as well as a section containing pictures of Essex Radio people and places. The website services are hosted for free by Yahoo, and to get to it, you need to have an account with Yahoo.


If you don’t have a Yahoo account, you can create one for free online. As membership
to the essexradio list is closed, you’ll need to apply for membership to the essexradio
list under your yahoo account address (as well as your normal email address).
The group website address is


Q. Who else is a member?


See the group members list for the names


Q. What’s all this about a reunion?


Yes – This happened in early January 2003 – See the Essex Radio Reunion
2003 pictures


There’s talk of another one… but no dates yet! Join up for details


Q. What about a Facebook Group?


Yes – Way ahead of you: Essex Radio on Facebook.

Essex Radio Folk on Facebook

Please pass this on to anyone who you think might like to join up…


Worked for Essex Radio and
want to join up?

the free Essex radio mailing list and get in touch with others. Also,
find out details of the next Essex Radio Staff Reunion!

If you’re interested in joining, there are three ways to join… Either:

1. Fill in the short signup form

2. Send a blank email to:

3. Yahoo members: Sign up online at


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