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Available for the range of Psion machines, BankPlus for the Psion range offers a simple way to keep your bank and credit card accounts in order.


BankPlus screenshots

BankPlus is available for: Psion Series 5/5mx, Ericsson MC218, Psion Revo and Revo Plus, Diamond Mako, Psion Series 7/netBook, Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx , Acorn Pocketbook, Psion Siena, and Psion Series 3


  • “BankPlus not only looks good, but it’s easy to use… All in all a great financial software solution for your Psion” (Two-page feature in PDA Essentials Magazine issue 10 – Jan 2003).
  • “If a simple bank account manager is all that’s required, BankPlus is the obvious choice” (Palmtop magazine issue 33, March 2001).
  • “…if you are looking for speed, simplicity, and a small footprint in your
    always-sacred RAM, look no further.” (, Feb 2002)
  • “A well-crafted application, honed by feedback from many registered users” (3
    for all, 2000)


BankPlus Features:


Features include password protection, standing orders, inter-account transfers,
on-screen or printed statements, categories, statement verification, global balance,
graph view, currency converter, archiving and file export.

Keep your accounts in order with BankPlus. A free, unlimited evaluation version is available for download.


  • Bank or Credit Card accountsAllows for up to sixteen accounts.
  • Password protectionTo prevent casual prying.
  • Monthly Standing OrdersPaid in advance to allow preplanning.
  • Inter-Account transfersTransfer funds from accounts with one transaction.
  • StatementsOn-screen or printed statements
  • ArchiveSave your old transactions into one file for future reference.
  • CategoriesTo allow you to keep track of expenditure (Cash / Petrol / Cheque, etc)
  • Statement verificationCheck entries on your bank statement, and see if your bank has made any mistakes.
  • Graph viewA one, three month or annual graphical overview of your accounts.
  • Built-in currency converterConvert and save foreign currency

  • ExportExport as text (comma or tab delimited). Basic Quicken export is also included.
  • Global balancesOverview of all balances with the option to check balances on any given date.
  • International supportProvision for different currency accounts / date formats.
  • Full online help


--> Click here to download the latest version, for free
--> Click here for frequently-asked questions



BankPlus Screenshots


BankPlus Screen5

BankPlus on a Series 5mx

BankPlus Revo screenshot

BankPlus on a Revo



BankPlus Screen1

BankPlus’s main screen on a 3c

BankPlus Siena 1

BankPlus main screen on a Psion Siena

Bank Screen

Bank’s main screen on a Psion Series 3