Pete Sipple's Photo Gallery


A small collection of memories from my digital camera...


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Rory & Pete Leave
Apr 04 - Rory & Pete Depart
The Masked Ball
Aug 03 - Emma Turnball's 25th
Tradeshows are hell
Aug 03 - Working hard at a tradeshow
Lindsay, Pete and Timbo
Jan 03 - Essex Radio reunion
Pete at Thameside
Dec 02-Thameside New Year
The Framptonites Re-union
Dec 02 - Works reunion
Guinness in Dublin
Nov 01 - Guinness in Dublin
The Live Girls
Sep 01 - At Live 2001 (Sigh!)
Sheena, Liz, Siobhan, Mimi, Alan, Catherine, Pete, Katryn and Rory
Jul 01 - Outside the Mandalay
Jul 01 - Hello? I'm cracking up!
Kerri, Sarah & Pete
27/1/01 - Kerri, Jim and Lee's do
Lucy, Rory, Pete & Alan
13/1/01 - The School Disco
Christmas do
2/12/00 - The Christmas do
Karting in Sweden
Karting in Sweden
Universal's Hulk Ride
Hanging on to Universal's Hulk
Spectrum Reunion 2
25/6/00 - Spectrum Radio reunion BBQ
Spectrum Reunion 1
25/6/00 - Spectrum Radio reunion BBQ
Guy, Sarah, Pete & Emma
11/6/00 - Guy, Sarah, Pete, Emma and Katie at a Scared Scriptless gig
The crew at work
22/3/00 - A pic of some of the crew from work
Pete with a Woody
Pete with a Woody
London Eye
Sipple over London
Leaving do
31/10/99 - Just a few of the folks at my Essex Radio leaving bash at Chicago's
Essex FM Xmas bash
22/5/99 - Essex Radio's May Ball
Tower of Terror
I hate this ride! (Audio
Real Logo)
Sarah, Pete, Louise and Rory
Mar 02 - Rory's Birthday
4/11/99 - 1000 feet over Southend seafront when flying with Martin Day
Crystal, a happy Pete and Jocelyn
Jan 02 - Pete & the twins
Another Essex FM Event
Another Essex FM Event
Walt Disney Marathon OB
Walt Disney Marathon OB
Florida '98
Florida '98
Pete & John at Thameside
31/12/99 - Pete and John at Thameside
Bonnie & Pete
Well, obviously!
Hayley, Pete & Leanne
24/8/99 - Hayley, Pete and Leanne at a works do in Southend