Pete Sipple’s Comedy Collection

This page contains links to some of my favourite comedy shows, sites and sketches.


Coupling Best described as a UK equivalent of Friends, with a heap of Game On and Men Behaving Badly for good measure. Very well done sitcom that ran for four series from 2000 – one of my favourites.

See the RadioandTelly Coupling page

Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Don't Panic
First appearing on BBC Radio, this Science Fiction comedy from the pen of (the sadly departed) Douglas Adams, spawned five books, a TV series, a computer game, and towels!See the RadioandTelly Hitch-Hikers Guide page
Ronnies Four Candles
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge Two Ronnies fan, but one memorable sketch never fails to make me giggle… Four Candles (a.k.a. Fork Handles). Here’s a link to the script. Thanks to Kerri for finding this for me. The sketch is available BBC compilations. Click: DVD or Video.
Happy TV
The antics of Dom Joly winding up members of the public in style, and setting up celebrities.

See the RadioandTelly Trigger Happy page 

Amazing Channel 4 comedy, with the Basil Fawlty of bookshops, Bernard Black (Played by Dylan Moran), and Manny (Bill Bailey)

See the RadioandTelly Black Books page

Radio Active Superb BBC Radio comedy, that later became KYTV on BBC TV. Starred Angus Deayton (Mike Channel), Geoffrey Perkins (Mike Flex), Helen Atkinson-Wood (Anna Daptor), Philip Pope (Nigel Pry) and Michael Fenton-Stevens (Martin Brown and Uncle Mike Stand)See the RadioandTelly Radio Active page
Me, Knowing You

Alan Partridge in fine form. Most of us have seen (and cringed at) the
TV series, but have you heard the Radio 4 series? If not, get the cassettes.
They contain six episodes of the BBC radio chat show aired way before Alan made it to telly. In my opinion, much better than the TV series.
Click for details of the BBC Radio 4 series on cassette, or the BBC
TV series
on video.
See the RadioandTelly Alan Partridge page
Spaced Seriously good Channel 4 comedy about two perfectly-matched flatmates, who just don’t know it. Clever use of classic TV soundtracks and camera angles make this a joy to watch – a refreshing change.See the RadioandTelly Spaced page
Comedy database – A superb set of links to UK Comedy
Memorable TV – A great list of British Comedy shows
The IT Crowd – Channel 4 sitcom exploring life in the basement’s IT department
Classic Tube announcements!
The world of Weebl and Bob
Guess the Sitcom personality – very clever stuff!
Galaxy Quest – Review of this top sci-fi spoof. Trekkies beware!
Easter eggs – Hidden gems in TV, films, DVDs and software


If you like your telly, go to the Radio and Telly site for links to TV and Radio comedy and nostalgia