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Forum Software updated to v2.4 (Read 6466 times)
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Sipple, Essex, UK

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Essex, UK
Forum Software updated to v2.4
May 2nd, 2009 at 4:43pm
Note that today we have updated our forum software to v2.4 of the YaBB forum release.

If there are any problems, please add a message to this thread.

For information, here's what has changed:

- Error with registration not calling
- Revised to allow use of .cgi extensions
- Register button displayed when using Admin Only registration mode
- Position selection when adding new tab to the main menu bar
- Expand/Collapse feature with 2.1 Templates
- Last post link not showing up if topic deleted
- Line breaks not saving in Signatures
- Member groups selected in Position not resetting in Member Group box
- Display of rank image (stars) not showing in Profile view
- Activation key missing from activation email
- Code changes to reduce page calls/increase loading speed
- Template layout problem with Opera / User Tools
- Shortcut text not displaying in some browser versions; removed Reset button
- Member list sorting didn't match order of Post Independent member groups
- Template Configuration page display of tags
- Browser page titles for sections of Admin Center
- Wording in Read_Me.txt file
- Separated Text Field and Button selections in Style Sheet WYSIWYG editor
- Improved upgrading from older version instructions in Quick Guide
- Renamed PM Outbox to Sent box
- Selection method of saving copies of sent PMs
- Revised image and URL displays in the Print Page feature
- Revised User Online display to always display current user
- Images in IMG tags not showing up in News if News Fader selected
- Improved validation of user and display names at registration
- Changed Save/Send/Post button text for posts and PMs
- Made Collapse/Expand Additional Features in Post Reply area expanded by default
- Added error routine to forgotten password code to handle corrupt user vars files
- Encrypt User IDs option unchecked would hide user's Displayed name
- Removed unused ie6alpha class from templates
- Callback problem with some PMs
- Moved Image Settings tab from Forum Settings to Advanced Settings for better grouping
- Changed reset password routine to direct user to password settings in User CP
- Resizing post area settings were not saved when in Post Modification page
- Improper truncating of long URLs
- Error with saving profile when Avatars are disabled
- Error with post count in Board Index when deleting topics
- Spaces in front of Marquee code caused scroll bars to appear
- Sorted Font Names and changed font sizes from px to pt
- Removed unnecessary vertical bar from Guest view of showcase polls
- Posts automatically removed from username.log when older than Admin Center setting for new post expiration
- Deleting first post in topic left unneeded information post in topic
- RSS " display problem in some browsers
- RSS feed problem with translating OH Eng tags in post
- Notify error when viewing last x posts by user or last x posts of forum
- Error in search routine not picking up all posts
- Guests attempting to view a topic without permission were counted as a view
- Changed error messages received as a result of lacking permission to information messages
- Changed error message for attempting to save changes after session timeout
- Error with .ctb files not being converted correctly when updating
- Error with collapse and expand feature
- Ampersand and class, style, and media attributes caused invalid RSS feeds
- Expanded email form fields maximum character entry to 100 characters
- Changed Send to a Friend template to use Displayed name instead of user name
- Member group name characters not encoding properly when updating from older versions
- Error with splitting last post in a topic
- Attachment file size checker error
- JavaScript error for polls with converted data from earlier versions
- Code error in
- Java error with Favorites button if Quick Reply not enabled
- View Last X Posts permissions error
- Split error for multiple page topic
- Notifications/Add to Favorites JavaScript error
- Mark all Posts as read error in Text Only mode
- Error in Quick Guide file instructions
- Admin modifying user profile changed user last online date/time
- Java error with notifications and add to favorites

- Improved Search Engine bots list
- Added Search Engine bots auto-sort feature
- ALL CAPS Alert; Admin can select number of uppercase characters to cause alert
- Layout of Registration page improved
- Improved free disk/host space checking; added two methods: find, and quota
- HTML-label tags to support screen readers
- Random function to News Fader
- Facebook and MySpace options in contact information
- Register button in login section at bottom of Board Index
- Selectable static/dynamic clock at top forum bar
- Media support for .3gp, hulu, vimeo,, and dailymotion formats
- Transliteration for non-latinic language characters in uploaded files
- Option to disable Smilies in the row below the Post window
- Ability to change existing User Displayed names to include capital letters without getting error
- Expand/collapse feature to seldom used input boxes under the Post window
- Ability to turn off recent posts by user or set a maximum number of returned posts by user
- Function to end Polls automatically
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